US Army Corps of Engineers

US Army Corps of Engineers correspondence related to Delaware Bay shipwrecks, 1889–1892.
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About the collection

Collection of letters relating to the removal of the wreck of the bark Il Salvatore, the barge Shears, and several other unspecified ships referred to as the East, West, and North wrecks, from the mouth of the Delaware Bay. The removals were carried out under contract with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers by F.C. Maull (Il Salvatore) and C.W. Johnston (Shears, East, West, North). The Corps of Engineers’ Philadelphia office was responsible for overseeing these projects, first under the supervision of Lt. Colonel Henry M. Robert and then of Major C.W. Raymond. The majority of letters in this collection were written by Alfred Bunting, an inspector, presumably with the Corps of Engineers, as progress reports to Robert and Raymond. A large number of the other letters consist of requests from Maull and Johnston for extensions to their deadlines for removing the wrecks. Also included in the collection is Maull’s Contractor’s Bond for the removal of the Il Salvatore wreck.

  • Shipwrecks — Delaware Bay
  • Shipwrecks — New Jersey
  • Il Salvatore (Bark)
  • Shears (Barge)
  • United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Philadelphia District
Types of material
  • Correspondence
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  • Engineers, Army Corps of
  • ?Shipwrecks
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