Philadelphia Naval Home

Philadelphia Naval Home collection, 1917–1976.
1 box (0.41 linear feet).
About Philadelphia Naval Home

The Philadelphia Naval Home was a hospital and a home for retired sailors for the United States Navy, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Originally called the Philadelphia Naval Asylum, the institution was established in 1834 and operated in Philadlephia until 1976, when it was moved to Gulfport, Mississippi. The institution was also the location of the Philadelphia Naval School, an academy for midshipmen.

About the collection

This is a small collection of items related to the Philadelphia Naval Home. Included are index cards listing clothes and shoes issued by the home, 1955-1965; circulars on civil defense; memoranda from the Naval Home Administration; dining hall menus; an activities agenda; a published volume on radio engineering; a notebook contianing star charts and notes on celestial navigation; several personal papers of Walter Nibbs Blackett, USN (Ret), such as correspodence and a bank passbook; and a death certificate of George Standish Poust.

Types of material
  • Memoranda
  • Notebooks
  • Ephemera
  • Index files
Reference files
  • Philadelphia Naval Asylum
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