Benners family

Benners family papers, 1791–1866.
1 box, 4 volumes (0.75 linear feet).
About the collection

This is a collection of papers of Jacob and James Benners. Materials include: a master’s logbook for the ship Dispatch (from Philadelphia to Canton) (1804-1806); a logbook for the ship Dispatch (from Philadelphia to Amsterdam) (1806-1807); a logbook for the Susquehanna (from Philadelphia to Liverpool) (1810-1811); a personal logbook of Jacob Benners aboard the ship Susquehanna (Philadelphia to Canton) (1809-1810) and the ship Margaret (1815) (from New York to St. Petersburg, Russia); a reminiscence and journal of a voyage as supercargo aboard the ship London Trader, 1807-1812; journals of voyages on the brig Saunders, the ship Rebecca Sims, the ship Mary, the ship Phillip; and an 1830 synopsis of voyages and thoughts on cargoes. Other materials in the collection include: an account book for the schooner Young Mechanick, 1824, with personal accounts of John G. Bagge; a bill of lading for the ship Dispatch, 1799; letters to Margaret Benners (his wife) from Jacob Benners, one in fragments, (1791 and undated); a letter to Jacob Benners from William Barber, 1811; and a treasurer’s book kept by James Benners for the Association of the Soldiers and Defenders of the War of 1812 (1858-1866), 12 pages.

Types of material
  • Account books
  • Correspondence
  • Diaries
  • Ships’ logs
Reference files
  • China-Commerce-USA
  • China Trade
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