Scarlett, Charles Lewis

Charles Lewis Scarlett photograph album, 1903–1938.
1 box (0.21 linear feet).
About Charles Lewis Scarlett

As a teen Charles Lewis von Scharlach (d. 1943) ran away to sea to avoid being trained as a doctor. He joined an Erikson sailing ship as an apprentice, sailed to Australia and eventually jumped ship. He worked as a cowboy in Australia and New Zealand for the next four years and returned to England at the age of 20. He then joined the Royal Navy and was attached the Asiatic station. He served aboard HMS Algerine and HMS Alacrity, during the Russo-Japanese war. During WWI, Scharlach served in naval intelligence. Around the time of the war, he changed his family name to Scarlett to avoid prejudice about the Germanic name. After the war he returned to England.

About the collection

Photo album of images taken during Scarlett’s service aboard HMS Algerine and HMS Alacrity during the ships’ service with the Asiatic Squadron in 1904 and 1905. Includes images from Shanghai, Peking, Fuchow, Wei Hai Wei, Port Arthur, and Hong Kong; ships in battle, including the Russian ships Askold, Korietz, and Varyag; crew members of HMS Algerine and HMS Alacrity; Japanese and Chinese men and women;and photographs of captured and executed Chinese pirates. The collection also includes several loose images from villages and towns on the Island of Madeira; an image of crew of HMS Drake, undated; a photo that may be of Charles Scarlett; a postcard of Hong Kong Harbor; and a crew list for HMS Erebus (Scarlett’s son Cedric Scarlett was a cadet serving on Erebus).

  • Russo-Japanese War, 1904-1905
  • Algerine (Ship)
  • Alacrity (Ship)
  • Askold (Cruiser)
  • Korietz (Gunboat)
  • Variag (Cruiser)
  • Great Britain. Royal Navy
Types of material
  • Photograph albums
  • Photographs
Reference files
  • ?Russian Fleet, 1863-1917
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