Independence Seaport Museum oral histories

Independence Seaport Museum oral histories collection, 1981–1998.
FIX (4 linear feet).
About the collection

This is a a collection of audiocassette and DAT tapes of interviews from several oral history projects. Materials for the History of the Delaware River Basin Fisheries project, 1980s-1990s, directed by Charles Hardy, include interviews with shad fisherman, oystermen, boat builders, biologists, and others associated with fisheries. Other interviews include: Jack Eiman (on racing); Joe Miller and Fred Lewis (on shad fishing); Joe Reid, Douglas Berry, and Lolly Beaton (on boatbuilding); Clem Sutton (on boatbuilding and oystering); and other interviews of individuals (tapes and some transcriptions). The collection also include an audiotape on a proposed Oystering project and several videos including “Community of Oscar A. Romero,” 1998.

  • Boatbuilding–Delaware River (N.Y.-Del. and N.J.)
  • Fishing–Delaware River (N.Y.-Del. and N.J.)
  • Oystering–Delaware River (N.Y.-Del. and N.J.)
Types of material
  • Audiocassettes
  • Interviews
  • Sound recordings
  • Video recordings
  • Oral histories
Reference files
  • Delaware River (?)
  • Oystering
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