Trotter & Co.

Nathan Trotter & Co. records, 1798–1925.
3 boxes, plus 2 oversize folders (0.91 linear feet).
About Nathan Trotter & Co.

William Trotter began his apprenticeship with the William Sansom’s firm in 1789; after a seven year apprenticeship, Trotter entered into business with Joseph Sansom, brother of his former employer. In 1803, the Sansom and Trotter partnership was dissolved and William Trotter went into business by himself. In that same year, Nathan Trotter (1787-1853) joined his older brother in business. When William Trotter died in 1815, Nathan Trotter took over as the head of the business and in 1817 the firm’s name was changed to Nathan Trotter & Co. Today, the firm is the oldest continuously operated metals manufacturer/distributor in the United States.

About the collection

This is a collection of business papers of Nathan Trotter & Co. The bulk of the materials are bills of lading (1803-1850) for items shipped to and by Nathan and William Trotter. There are also bills of lading for goods shipped to William Joseph Sansom, James McAlpin, and other merchants. Other materials in the collection include receipts; bills of freight; sales records; and a small amount of business correspondence. The papers largely relate to trade in hardware items such as iron wire, bundles and bars of steel, and lead sheets shipped during the first half of the nineteenth century.

  • Merchants — Pennsylvania — Philadelphia
Types of material
  • Bills of lading
  • Business records
  • Receipts (financial records)
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