Standard Oil Company of New Jersey

Standard Oil Company of New Jersey records, 1932–1951.
3 boxes (1 linear foot).
About Standard Oil Company of New Jersey

The Standard Shipping Company was created as a separate subsidiary of Standard Oil of New Jersey in 1927, but was reabsorbed into the parent company in 1934 as the Marine Department.

About the collection

This is a collection of business records of the Standard Shipping Company. Materials include navigation workbooks, 1940-1951. These volumes appear to have been kept by George Rasmussen, and note movements of the ships, including activities in port and voyages from one port to another. Ships represented include Esso Rochester, Esso Wilmington, Esso Memphis, and SS Glenpool. Other materials include: master’s accounts for SS Paul H. Harwood, 1941-1942, listing disbursements for various expenses, including pay and advances to crew; bulletins of the Standard Shipping Co., from the early 1930s, with articles on a range of subjects such as safety measures, practical information about ports of call, ship news, personnel notes, explosions, boilers, fumigations, lookouts, yachting, and maritime history; and miscellaneous instructions related to marine stores and equipment.

  • Petroleum–Transportation
Types of material
  • Account books
  • Business records
  • Newsletters
Reference files
  • Oil Refining, Shipping
  • Petroleum Industry and Trade
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